Agreement and Condition

Payment terms and conditions
You agree to comply with the guidelines, orders, regulations and procedures. Policies and instructions regarding purchases made through the platform. Including any amendments to the foregoing which are enforced by us. You are deemed to have acknowledged and accepted to be bound by such changes upon their publication on the Platform. These payment terms and conditions shall only apply to orders and payments made by you and the seller.

  1. You agree to pay for the Goods by credit or debit card that is legally valid for payment.
  2. You agree not to cancel subsequent payments unless The order between you and the seller does not comply with the agreement. Did not receive delivery or the product you received is significantly different from the description you received from the seller according to the discretion of the seller.
  3. You are aware of the regulations for refunds that have been successfully paid can only be done if the seller agrees and is the person who notifies the intention to make a refund.
  4. You acknowledge that all refunds shall be made through the original payment mechanism and to the person making the payment.
  5. You acknowledge that no money-back guarantee will be credited to your account on time. Payment processing may take time and depends on each bank. and/or the payment service provider processing the refund.
Return Policy
  1. Products can be exchanged or returned. by contacting the website directly (depending on each case)
  2. Requirements during an exchange, for example if the same product is not refunded. or change to other products instead But the shop will change only the original product. unless the product is out of stock or discontinued production
  3. After receiving the parcel, you should take a video to claim the product.
  4. The company is responsible for collecting/returning products. Including the incurred shipping costs.
  5. The delivery time for new items after receiving the returned product is within 1-2 days.
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